The Most 9 Habits That Damage Your Kidneys [most people ignore]

The third thing that also leads to kidney disease is Underestimating A Cold by us

Normally an average person catches a cold two or three times a year (prooved by The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states on its own official website) . While colds seem to us a harmless thing and not so but annoying , we must not think of them as if they are nothing because ours body produces more antibodies if you don’t treat colds and that would happen over time, whish make these antibodies start to become unhealthy for your kidneys. So if we feel sick we absolutely should visit a doctor ; and not ignore it just stay home from work like 72 percent of Americans normally do .

The fourth thing is to not wait To Use The Restroom ;

Did you know the main reason for causing kidney problems is holding in the urge to pee?  Well simply because of Bacteria that can multiply in the urine, which shouldn’t be in the body anymore, So the much longer the urine sits inside, the more bacteria will grow faster and easier because the conditions are so good to make it double. This bacteria eventually makes its way to the kidneys, and of course, nobody wants that. If you have to go, just go. Your kidneys would be so thankful.

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