The Most 9 Habits That Damage Your Kidneys [most people ignore]

The most 9 noteworthy habits that leads to kidneys harm whish a lot of people never take it serious .

Every year 90000 of Americans die because of kidney disease , and that’s a real serious number and the highest one for for now compared to the prostate and breast cancer . (by the national kidney foundation)
It’s not necessary to admit that our kidneys are so important for humans to live a long healthy life because it’s already such a general truth .

To protect ourselves from this phenomenon, we should logically make a simple and avaliable changes in our own life styles;such as the sleeping habits and diets.

Firstly we must use herbs as a source of salinity rather than salt

Food is selways delicious with tha addiction of salt but the flow of it in our blood can be dangerous for our health .Why that ?!well simplitly because our kidneys should work so hars than the usual to remove the extra water from our bodies.

     A research done by the journal of clinical hypertension in 2018 proved clearly that too much salt intake can absolutely cause a kidney disease. So limiting sodium intake to a teaspoon per day is highly requested by the US, department of agriculture as well (USDA) ,  otherwise Americans consumes three time as much.

Secondly we should limite intaking the painkillers

As the new England Journal of medicine mentioned after doing a long detailed study , 5000 of kidney filure cases in America are being resulted from the heavy uses of painkillers such as ADVIL or TYLEMOL .

It’s actually most dangerous to take painkillers after been fasting , because theses can are so bad as they cause a reduction of blood going to kidneys wish means a real bad blood circulation whish can be a serious problem and stress out the kidneys as well . However getting out from our boddies (popping) occasionally painkillers for a backache or headache is generally a natural thing .

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