10 original ways to use 90° alcohol

5. Ear cleaner

Many people still use cotton swabs, but this method is extremely dangerous because it pushes earwax deeper into the ear canal. In addition, we tend to do it far too often. ENT recommends  cleaning the ears  once every 8 to 10 days, going no further than the  little finger (little finger). So, to clean your ears healthier, mix white vinegar and 90 ° alcohol in a bowl. Dip your little finger in the mixture and put it in your ear. The cerumen will leave alone.

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6. Dissolvent

The traditional solvents almost all contain acetone, a very bad chemical component for the nails. In addition, breathing in acetone vapors can make you feel nauseous. Thus, to avoid all these inconveniences, you can use alcohol at 90 °. You will probably take longer to remove your polish, but you will avoid damaging your nails and headaches.

7. Get rid of ingrown hairs

The ingrown hairs are filthy. We spend a lot of time waxing or shaving the jersey and underarms and finally end up with lots of little blackheaded dots everywhere. Make them disappear with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol at 90 °. The liquid relieves inflammation and helps your skin regain its softness. Let it sit perfectly all night in the area.

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