10 original ways to use 90° alcohol

90° alcohol is often used as a disinfectant or to remove adhesives. Now, few people know that 90° alcohol can be used in a thousand and one ways, even for cosmetics.

1. Get rid of bed bugs

It is very difficult to eradicate bed bugs, because even if you are careful, they can enter your home after a holiday or a stay with a friend not very focused on cleanliness. Fortunately for us, the alcohol at 90 ° is very effective to overcome these parasites. Fill a 90 ° alcohol spray and spray it all over your bed (pillows, mattresses, sheets, etc.). Bedbugs lay eggs, so to ensure the complete disappearance of these invaders, repeat the process several times.

2. Deodorant substitute

You go on a weekend and you realize that you have forgotten your deo, do not panic. 90 ° alcohol kills all the bacteria that cause unpleasant body odor and is easily accessible in all first aid kits. However, avoid abusing it as it will have an irritating effect on your skin in the long run.

3. Home refrigerant block

If you put alcohol in the freezer, it will not turn into ice, but into a kind of compact and cold matter. This is good to know since this property can allow you to create your own refrigeration unit. Pour one dose of alcohol and three doses of water in a freezer bag. Before putting it in the freezer, empty the maximum amount of air. After one hour, the mixture should have the desired texture. This cooling block can be useful for a small boil or to keep your lunch cool during a short hike, for example.

4. Anti lice

The alcohol at 90 ° is a perfect anti-lice. Pour 90 ° alcohol into a spray bottle and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Go in your garden or on your balcony and spray the mixture on your skull and all over your hair. Then use an anti-lice comb to remove nits and dead lice. It is recommended to let the mixture work for one hour for optimum efficiency.

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